03 October 2017

Life as an Engineer

Hello there!

It has been a really long time ago since I wrote some story (or something long) in English. Except in email, I always write in English and I always see a lot of grammar error by others. For me, grammar is very important especially if you are a professional. You've gone many English classes, MUET, IELTS  etc but..... hmm some people don't care right? I care, but I don't give a shit about others.

English is a language, as a medium to connect people. Eh kenapa tiba-tiba cakap pasal bahasa ni.

Okay we get back to the topic. My life as an engineer? Yes currently I'm enjoying it. It is my childhood dream and school-hood dream (is there school-hood term?) to design and create things. Yes now I'm in the right track and right industry and right company. That's my job to design and develop the prototype and then sell it to the customers. Quality is our priority.

Now I've been working as a design engineer for 3.5 years and throughout the working period I have experienced a lot of things. LEARN FROM EXPERIENCE.

Manufacturing process, assembly process, serviceability, what our mid customer want, what our end customer want, what our company needs in order to survive and lead the market, how to handle people, how to manage your work, how to manage your time, how to prioritize your task and a lot more.

Okay what else do I need to tell ek? hmm no idea. I haven't blogging since June, and now rarely write any post due to 'business'. Ok now I realize something. I tried to write 'kesibukan' as 'busyness', and end up with business. Hahaha. So business means busyness right? Now I get it.

My goal is, I want to do the best for the company. Design new things, come up with new ideas and submit a lot of patents. Wish me luck. I haven't found any patent yet.

Sorry for my broken English. Eigo wa muzukashi desu =P

How about my life?

Sometimes I wake up at 0500, spend few minutes to really wake up, and then go for jogging on treadmills, have some exercise, cool down at 0600, have a shower at 0630 and go to work at 0715.

Sometimes I wake up at 0630 and go to work at 0730. Haha. Ngam ngam sampai office 0759. My office hour starts at 0800 to 1730.

So sharp at 1730, I will stand up from my work space, take my bag, thumb out (we use thumbprint) and bye bye. Arrive at Tasik Biru (I live there) at 1800, buy some food for dinner and arrive home at 1830.

Then my wife welcomes me.... OK not yet, its just a too good to be true situation. I sit in front of my TV, browse any interesting channel (I subscribe full package ASTRO and it is still a f##king boring service provider) and enjoy my dinner.

I will watch TV until I fall asleep, usually at 2200 or 2359 or anytime. I just love to fall asleep instead of getting to sleep. So that's my life. No girlfriend, no wife, no social. About social, it depends on the mood and situation. hahaha. Even there is no incoming message in my Whatsapp. So pity right?

The NOW me is so different than the OLD me. Very different. I will tell in another story later (don't know when).

Life is a progress. Learning is a process. Throughout life, you will learn a lot of things.

Yeah yeah. I'm 26 now, still no girlfriend. Entah bila nak kahwin. Orang tak laku dan tak hensem memang macam ni =P

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